Residential Remodel Interior and Exterior 1600-3000 sqft


Plans for Remodeling and Permits, needed if you are making Interior & Exterior changes. 

This service is needed if you are not only doing interior changes but also removing any exterior doors or windows, or changing the exterior materials of the home.


1. Draftsman will travel to address provided by client and measure property

2. Draftsman will provide an accurate existing plan marking location of kitchen cabinets, plumbing, and appliances, bathroom cabinets and plumbing fixtures, and door and window locations only (NOT DOOR AND WINDOW SIZES) in which the client can provide a marked up version to submit back to the draftsman.

3. Draftsman will take the changes and provide a proposed plan to submit to the city.

4. Draftsman will provide existing elevations and proposed elevations to show exterior changes.

5. Take photos of exterior facade to accurately create elevations and roof pitch

Buyer can provide lockbox code in message or meet draftsman at the site.

Plans will be delivered via email in PDF form, the paper size will be 24×36 Arch D. The scale of the plans will be notated in the title block.

All plans are delivered within 5-6 Business days. At check out fill out form and submit your project’s information, then proceed to check out.


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